Everywhere in the world, the media industry has emerged as a powerful economic, social and political catalyst. Thousands of businesses have become major groups through acquisitions or consolidations. At the same time, new communication technologies and digital and social media have led to unprecedented hyper-fragmentation. People across every continent have been affected by the mobility of new platforms, now almost universally available, and the diverse content they convey.

At the core of this momentum are managers from all sectors who must deal with major issues confronting media and traditional business models. With media being today’s leading influence on culture and behaviour, and consequently on our societal values, this revolution has required managers to gain new skills and learn how to manage the intangible in this modern era.

The rules of the game are changing within companies as well. Social media is opening up new fields of possibilities in terms of business processes and value chains. The digital generations are beginning to influence business relations, while careers in management are being redefined in pace with a new paradigm shift away from the norms of decades past.


The central mission of the HEC Montréal Media Management Hub is to improve the quality of media management in Canada and around the world. Two groups are the main focus in attaining this goal. First are media managers who need to gain a firm grasp of new ethical, economic, cultural and technological issues. Second are managers across all sectors of the economy who are learning to navigate this new digital universe, where relationships between companies and clients, consumers and citizens have changed considerably.
The Media Management Hub pools the skills of HEC Montréal faculty and collaborates with major players in the industry and international academia, making it a reference in knowledge transfer and media management training in Quebec and around the world.


Shaping best practices in media management by becoming a world leader in research and knowledge sharing in the industry. By achieving this objective, the HEC Montréal Media Management Hub adds to the training of high-calibre managers and helps improve the performance of media companies and traditional businesses that need to redefine themselves to reflect changes in media. This achievement benefits civic life by what it brings to a pivotal instrument of democracy: social media.

The aim of all of Media Management Hub activities are, therefore, to:

  • Conduct research to identify current trends which are very likely to change media management in the long term
  • Develop unique and specialized education programs in media industry management to meet new expectations
  • Ensure efficient knowledge transfer from academia to business executives and managers
  • Create alliances with the world’s most advanced researchers and institutions in the field of media management in order to influence changes in management, and enable such alliances to make concrete contributions to the Hub.


The HEC Montréal Media Management Hub has three areas of action: research, training and knowledge transfer activities.

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