The media and entertainment sectors are undergoing a period of profound change. Economic and organizational transformations, observed adjustments and structural changes, from both an industrial viewpoint and one of consumer behaviours and preferences, are not only highly stimulating, but also extremely promising for the production of management knowledge. The primary objective of this fund is to encourage the emergence of a knowledge ecosystem in these sectors through HEC Montréal’s research and transfer activities.

The Media Management Hub’s Media and Entertainment Research Fund is intended for graduate students, faculty and research personnel who are interested in business management and transformation in the media and entertainment sectors.


The Media and Entertainment Research Fund grants scholarships to graduate students who wish to carry out a research project supported by the Office of the HEC Montréal Media Management Hub. Research projects backed by the Fund must fall within the student’s curriculum (e.g., supervised project, thesis or dissertation).


The Media and Entertainment Research Fund supports knowledge production by HEC Montréal’s professors and research personnel in the media and entertainment sectors. All funded projects must lead to the production of tools and/or transfer material (e.g., report for a partner organization, teaching material or an article for the general public). The funding is granted on a case-by-case basis and must involve a non-university partner.


Student Section

This scholarship is intended for graduate students who are nearing the end of their program and looking for a final-year project. The submitted projects must lead to university credits for the selected year-end project.

• The project should focus on an organizational management issue in the media and entertainment sectors, or address challenges within the business environment of these sectors
• The project must include a practical application component: a tool, transfer presentation report, a work conducted within an organization, etc.
• If the project is international, it must be transferable to the Canadian context.

Faculty and Research Personnel Section

Funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis and must involve a non-university partner. The project must result in the production of a knowledge transfer tool.


Student Section

Upon analysis and approval of the proposal, the selected students will receive the following funding:

  • Supervised project (MSc) – $1,000 to $3,000 (9 credits)
  • Thesis (MSc) – $2,000 to $3,000 (24 credits)
  • Dissertation (PhD) – $3,000 to $6,000 (60 credits)*
  • MITACS fellowship – If the project is relevant, students may apply for a fellowship within the MITACS fellowship program.
  1. The first funding instalment equals half of the total amount of the funding.
  2. The second instalment is paid upon receipt of the final document and the practical tool.

When you receive an email from the project supervisor confirming that your final document has been accepted (supervised project, thesis or dissertation), you must send this document and the practical tool to us. The Office of the HEC Montréal Media Management Hub will evaluate the tool and may require you to make some adjustments to it.

* The student must have made enough progress on the thesis or dissertation to complete the final report and produce the transfer material within a two-year period.

Faculty and Research Personnel Section

The funding rules are determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on the partner involved in the research project.


Student Section

Interested students must fill out an application for HEC Montréal Media Management Hub’s Media and Entertainment Research Fund and submit their project proposal, which must include the following elements:

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Research question to be examined or management issue to be solved
  3. Description of the research project
  4. The transfer material to be produced
  5. If necessary, the partner organization and its interest in the research project
  6. Project schedule

Students must send their request by email to Sylvain Lafrance at :

Submitting an application

Students may submit an application at any time of the year. A decision will be sent by email 30 days after the file has been analyzed. Scholarship recipients will be invited to the scholarship awards ceremony organized by the HEC Montréal Foundation. This is a unique opportunity for the student(s) to meet the generous donor who is funding their scholarship! For more information, contact Roxane Gélinas, at 514-340-6000, ext. 1045.

Faculty and Research Personnel Section

Faculty and research personnel must send their project to Sylvain Lafrance at